[Tutorial] how to make artistic, old skool PCB

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Re: Artistic PCB tutorial

Postby JiM » 09 Apr 2010, 19:29

Mr. G. wrote:I didn't want to pass on information that may cause people grief. I also feel a bit inferior compared to other stuff on their site.

I sense a bit of contradiction here ... your quality standards are higher than many ! :hug:

Mr. G. wrote:btw, what the hell is the "slashdot-effect"? That's the second time I've seen someone refer to that today.

Slashdot is a famous news/forum website focusing on nerdy subjects. The audience is large enough to cause server overload when everyone clicks on the same link at the same time ... Being "slashdotted" means your website gained a sudden, usually short-lived, huge traffic, which may have as many advantages (fame & glory) as disadvantages (server slowdown, angry ISP).
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Re: Artistic PCB tutorial

Postby Mr. G. » 09 Apr 2010, 19:33

I see. Thanks for the info.

My personal standards are actually pretty freakin' low, ha ha. When others are involved, the bar gets raised a bit, or at least I try to raise it.
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