2 fx in 1 box - 1 switch on/off, 1 switch fx 1 or fx 2

Putting two effects in one box almost looks too easy, but you will save a lot of time reading the frequent questions before starting such a project...
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if the answer to this is already posted somewhere, i apologize - i did search but all i found were wiring diagrams for two fx in series.

i'm looking to wire two fx in one box, have ability to bypass both, and toggle between the two fx when they are engaged- i think the way to do it is to have one footswitch be the overall on/off (on/bypass) switch and the other be "either/or", i.e., either effect one or two. i was looking to have footswitch one have an indicator led (on for engaged and off for fx bypassed) and the other footswitch to have two leds (one for fx 1, the other for fx 2). of course, one of these leds would always be lit to indicate which fx will be engaged when the bypass footswitch is engaged. does anyone have a wiring diagram for this? thanks.

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