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Post by modman »

Dear friends and enemies of --

Please re-read this silly post by an crazy solderjockey from Belgium when he still had time to solder. This was more than 4 years ago... I didn't know anything about phpbb, php, sql, tarballs, tables, sftp, ssh and linux, but by now a nicely rolled tarball moves me more than a mojo-laden germanium transistor.

Nevertheless we experience 10 days of downtime after I decided to change hosts again. The 'new' host turned out to be a fraud in every sense of the way, especially in keeping the server up and running -, I'm sorry guys. We moved to this host after 2 false DMCA complaints which, despite being false, still jeopardized our relationship with the hosting company. We still have an account at hostgator that I will be using for different purposes, because hostgator is one of the best hosters around as far as price, support and features are concerned. Hosting companies are not required to really look at the content of the DMCA and you never pay them enough to do so every week, so in fact you can take almost any website down by flooding the host with DMCA's. If you agree with the author that the raid on that criminal guitar building company Gibson was bizarre, you don't understand that it's a simple side effect of politics serving local economical interests. Laws and regulations almost always serve economic interests.

There were no court cases for The moderators and myself will be trying our best to create more awareness about privacy protection. This is very important and it need not be a big thing. Don't use your real name or a username that will enable people to find your information on the net - this in fact goes for every online activity. Don't give out more information than strictly need. This is not Facebook and all you really need to know is maybe where a person is located (so people can get congratulated on their English instead of having to explain again that they are not native speakers) and that's really it. That you are x (real name) living in y (city) in z (country) is hardly relevant, we all meet on the basis on the interest in stompboxes. That we do not all approach this subject in the same way, is what makes freestompboxes such a dynamic community.

There were some technically difficulties - because of my sheer noobness in linux servers - but no longer. Please understand that with 15,000 attachment files (3GB) and a total of almost 6GB content, this is not your average hobby website any longer... Now in Linux however, stuff like backups can transfers can be automated and programmed. We will not have this amount of downtime again, it was my August Linux Boot Camp. Thanks for your patience.

Some very important words on the right to insult. In the beginning we had some tentative rules, but these are useless as long as they are not correctly applied. I have about had it with people who constantly feel insulted - people please grow some skin. Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you. Don't blame him. You all know you have really found a true friend when you can call him an asshole when he behaves like one - and he can return the favour. The right to insult should defend people from these maniacs who feel insulted by anything they see around them. Anybody who still feels they should start an argument on this --- I also feel utterly insulted as a human being when I see this.

There are more important things than stompboxes - but if all the recent drama is really necessary to keep a bunch of stompbox geeks happy, maybe building your own stompbox is more important than you think.

We are back
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Post by jbgron »

Thanks for all your hard work Johan. Great to have this site back!

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Post by deltafred »


I feel that we all owe you a couple of beers.

May I suggest that all members donate the price of a couple of beers (or coffees etc if you don't drink alcohol) to a very worthy cause.

All your hard work is much appreciated.

Many thanks
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Post by allesz »

Hallo and welcome back :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :horsey: :horsey: :horsey: :horsey: :horsey:

Great work modman, no is better to say MODMAN :hug: :hug: :hug:

I was not sleepy and I had the idea to check if fsb was up and running again. Maybe it was just a premonition.

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Post by cuthbertg »


:applause: :applause:

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Post by mictester »

Well done Johan!

Linux, PHP and all the intricacies of building websites by hand.... Wow - you've taken the "crash course" and passed with flying colours! Congratulations!

Now... back to the circuits...
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Post by juanro »

I agree and everything said.

So: fuck yeah! Let's solder something, let's draw some schematics, let's share.

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Post by method »

It's great to see the forum back online. I was waiting almost 2 weeks to join because the forum was down.


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Post by rocklander »

good work modman... you're a fricking star! :horsey:
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Post by Ripdivot »

Congrats Johan, all your hard work and time is very much appreciated by all of us. I was going through freestompbox withdrawals but now I can get my fix again... :thumbsup

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Post by culturejam »

Generic congratulatory statement/compliment here. 8)

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Post by CharlyG »

Sweet! Glad you made it thru!

PS- I have NEVER gone by anything but CharlyG on the internet. That's how folks find me for good reasons, not nefarious ones.

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Post by bajaman »

excellent news - thanks guys (especially Johan) :thumbsup
long live fsb :applause:
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Post by Damon Jonesta »

to celebrate this momentous event, I am reversing the Skreddy Echo :horsey:
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Post by Greenmachine »

Thanks for your hard work Johan. I love this place!

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Post by joe_pineapple »



incredible stuff johan. great work in taking on the linux learning curve (sure to pay off in the long run). yr effort and persistence is monumental (not to mention yr attitude and philosophy).
thank you so much for starting this outstanding website and now keeping it active in the face of nasty adversity.
i hope these hosts don't cave in to idle threats like the last lot.
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Post by t_mbaker »

Thanks Johan!!

And well said too.

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Post by osa »

Had to post this the second I saw this Forum back and "Free" again!
Thank you Modman for keeping this alive. Freedom of speech shall always reign supreme...
:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
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Post by Nocentelli »

Though i'd check before bed - glad I did. excellent news, many thanks to modman.
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Post by telecaster »

Yes!!! Thanks for doing the hard work modman. :thumbsup
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