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Post by ballfire »

yeah...good..the door is open again..

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Post by DrNomis »


I would like to take this opportunity and chime in, Modman, I would like to say a humongous "Thank You" for all the hard work you have put into getting FSB up and running again, you are a Mega-Legend mate....... :thumbsup
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Post by Cannibal »

thank you very much modman, you are tha man!
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Post by Zokk »

[smilie=banana.gif] yeah!!!

Thanks for the hard work to keep the forum alive.
modman u're the man!

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Post by Fender3D »

Nice to see you all again mates! :popcorn:

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Post by Mrutg »

Thanks a lot! My Summer oscillatio... errr .... vacation are about to begin! :mrgreen:

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Post by lepie1 »


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Post by Sikor »

Today is the day! :applause:

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Post by overplay »


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Post by max77 »

Welcome back.. :applause: :applause: :applause:

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Post by darthoverdrive »

Thank you!!! :applause:

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Post by trevize »

Thank you!!! :thumbsup

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Post by brentm »

Yes! Thank you modman. You gots skills!

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Post by earthtonesaudio »

rocklander wrote:hairsplitting and semantics aren't exactly the same thing though.. we may need two contests for that.

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Post by tuck »

THANK YOU! :horsey: Now spread the news :secret:

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Post by guycapuano »

YEah! :applause:

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Post by CRBMoA »

Simply awesome!
atreidesheir wrote: Let's build some damned pedals!

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Post by grrrunge »

:S i had to go to DIYSB for over a week to satisfy my fx-reading-cravings! What a glorious way to start the week :) I'm so glad this place is up and running again!
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Post by joegore »

Congrats, congrats, congrats. So psyched to recover this peerless resource. :)

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Post by 7on1 »

Thanks a lot Johan! Glad we're back! :thumbsup

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