Upgraded to phpbb 3.0.11 - now that didn't hurt much, did it

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It's done now, the board was offline for some odd 20 minutes. Not because of problems, but because of solutions. Forum was doing fine running on old software, but the plugins (antispam mainly) couldn't be updated with the latest versions because of the phpbb version.

You can say a lot of things about phpbb, but it's quite foolproof and OPEN SOURCE. I mean that all this code is written by volunteers who contribute freely, just as a lot of people here freely contribute to build that sort of knowledge base that fsb has become.

BTW, my little notebook here is running Ubuntu, no more shit going down with Windows licensing, free updates almost daily, ... I'm not looking back.

Thanks for not panicking (too much)...
Any new bugs, please report them here.
Any old bugs gone, good, just cheer!

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Is it possible to hide mini-chat please?

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You're doing a great job Johan...... :thumbsup
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