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PostPosted: 26 Feb 2012, 23:49
by Musician78
Hi! First let me introdue myself. My name is Justin and I have been playing guitar for abour 18 years. For years I used a processor for all my effects, but recently I went to stompboxes. Nice ones. Now I want to get into modding and eventually building.

My question: I have a Fuzz Factory clone and it is too trebly for my liking. It came with 10 microfarad caps for the input, output and drive. I want to take away some treble and add some bass. My thought was to replace the caps with ones of larger value. I gradually did this until I had a 470 microfard input, a 220 output, and a 100 drive. All these changes did absolutely nothing sonically.... I even made recordings with each and every change, so I KNOW it isn't ust my ears messing with my emotions.

So what gives? Am I being a knucklehead?

Re: Question

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2012, 01:16
by fuzzlab
The 100 nF capacitor is filtering the bass frequencies at 300 Hz or so... Change it to 10 uF for more lows and filter out some treble at the output with a 22 nF capacitor from wiper to ground.