Beginner for PTP Pedals

Ok, you got your soldering iron and nothing is going to hold you back, but you have no clue where to start or what to build. There were others before you with the same questions... read them first.
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Hey all,

I want to get into making pedals using point-to-point wiring on vero/perfboard. Like these beauties

My main issue is I have no experience with electronics, but I'm not looking to become a master...just have the ability to read some basic schematics and assemble some cool pedals.

Are there any recommendations for resources to learn how to read schematics and layouts well? Where do I even begin? As for the soldering, I have a couple of cheap, basic kits to learn with.

Thanks for the help!

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how about as well as this subfolder, especially "absolute beginner's" (which you already discovered).

as for reading schematics, practice. Try to find out what all the symbols mean and stand for (there are several resources for that).
gaussmarkov also comes to mind.

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Post by Nocentelli »

For veroboard layouts, the first link is a nice step-by-step tutorial that shows how to make a Colorsound one knob fuzz (pretty much a fuzzface running at full gain) based on the schematic found in the second link - Print out both layout and schematic to see how schems and vero layouts are related, and build yourself a cool fuzz into the bargain. ... O.jpg.html ... obfuzz.gif

Note that the vero layout has an extra 1 Megohm resistor at the input to prevent footswitch pop, and also uses a 820 ohm resistor instead of the schematic's 82 ohm (anything between 82 ohm up to 1 kilohm sounds ok).
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