Fuzz Factory first build

Ok, you got your soldering iron and nothing is going to hold you back, but you have no clue where to start or what to build. There were others before you with the same questions... read them first.
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New to DIY pedals and am considering getting the fuzz factory clone
from Poodle Pedal Parts. Just a few questions so sorry for the

On wiring common ground, do all of the ground connections go to a single
point? (Sleeve of input or output jack?) including the ground on the PCB? Can
I tack these wires to a single piece to then connect to the sleeve?

I was going to use sockets to install the Ge transistors. Is this a bad idea
I am concerned I will fry them (I do have soldering experience from guitar
electronics and general tinkering).

What gauge wire should I be using?

Thanks in advance, if I have anymore questions I can think of I will post.

Here is the link.
http://shop.pedalparts.co.uk/Filth_Fack ... 39185.aspx

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Hey welcome!

wiring all the grounds to a single point is called "star grounding"; let do a quick search on the forum about the theory :wink:
The main idea is to avoid ground loops... and specially for the FF it's really important to pay attention to the ground path.

22AWG wires are really fine, but you can use smaller wires. Just try to use shielded wires to link the signal jacks/bypass switch/pcb if possible.
Usually pcbs have 0.8mm diameter holes for wires.

Sockets are fine if you use quality parts, however if the pedal is going to be used on stage and abused I'd prefer to solder the transistors to make it bullet proof. There are many ways to solder transistors safely, for example do not cut the legs before soldering, or use some clamp as heatsink on the leg which you are soldering; this will prevent a quick overheat.

Have fun with this one!

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