TS9 Issues (Fairly Urgent All Help GREATLY Appreciated)

Frequent questions about dead or faulty pedals. Whether you repair, mod or build pedals, debugging is important. Threads about general debugging problems irrespective of the circuit involved...
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Hey so a friend of mine lent me a VERY sentimental TS9 that will not bypass the clean signal when clicked off, when clicked on the LED turns on but the signal doesn't come through but makes a hissing noise, or sometimes may come through with a VERY low "gated " sound. I have replaced the INPUT and OUTPUT jacks with more high quality ones, replaced the 9V battery clip, and re-soldered the 9V adapter jack( was cracked, I guess very common with T.S.'s) I was doing some reading and thought it may be transistor problem??? Also I may replace the electrolytic's and re flow the joints to make sure there are no cold solder joints. Also it does look like someone has worked on this before.....Thanks again to anyone who has the time to help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photos of the board may help us help you help us all... :D (sorry couldn't resist the Portal reference)

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agreco1489 wrote: Also it does look like someone has worked on this before....
With the story you wrote that would probably be the same remark I would have made considering the total lack of focus you seem to have on your problem,

What is broken? The bypass.
The trace the circuit through the pedal and determine where the signal goes missing. Find the fault and fix it. Your problem is in that part of the circuit. Do you have blackened traces anywhere and by any chance a leaky 47uF/6.3v electrolit? Fix that. Get an audioprobe and follow the signal in the bypass circuitry.

Your problem does not have anything to do with new jacks, resoldering all joints (why!?), battery clips or whatever. And just in case it (is going to) cross(es) your mind, TBi'ng is not the solution.
Sorry. Plain out of planes.


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