A few BOSS pedal problem DS1 & HM2

Frequent questions about dead or faulty pedals. Whether you repair, mod or build pedals, debugging is important. Threads about general debugging problems irrespective of the circuit involved...
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A friend who runs a rehearsal studio just dropped off a couple of DS1 and a HM2. The newer DS1 is healthy but the 2 old pedals which needs ACA adaptors are acting up. I'm pretty sure these 2 were used with a variety of AC adaptors which i suspect is causing the problem. Also they are quite old and never had been looked into since they were bought 10-15 years ago. i get to keep the bad ones and need help fixing them.

DS1 works with battery and with regular adaptor daisy chained with other pedals. this one use the smaller, dark brown board. bypass sound is ok after i cleaned the jacks with contact cleaner. when on - its giving out splatty sound and sounded like a synth. LEVEL and TONE pot seems to work but DIST is not making any changes or maybe i cant hear it since its just splatty. contact cleaner on all pots. electro caps look good, no bulging. any ideas what's going on here? i will change it to accept PSA/regular 9v adaptor, found a thread here and will do that but need to fix this splatty problem.

HM2 works with battery and with regular adaptor daisy chained but has intermitten sound cutting in and out, electro caps looks good. sometimes in bypass no sound is coming through but suspect its the input & output jack. i'm not familiar with its original sound so cant really tell what to look for. i also cant find ACA to PSA mod here for HM2, anyone can help? i'm modding this from the several threads here or use indyguitarist's suggestions.

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