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proco rat clone weird problem

Posted: 29 May 2013, 23:37
by kuvic
Hallo everyone!
A few days ago based on the veroboard layout by i built this rat clone. At the beginning everything worked fine. Even after putting the whole thing into the enclosure things were pretty well. Not huge amounts of noise apart from what i excepted. The problem started after 20 minutes of playing with the effect on. A strange noise that consisted of random "clicks" or "ticks" started making its way out of the pedal. The funny and weird thing (at least to my ears) was that this noise was increasing as time passed until it became intolerable (some 10 minutes after i first noticed it) - and i had to switch to my amps distortion instead of the rat. I searched throught the internet to find something similar but i didn't.
Has anyone encountered something similar?
My main suspect is the veroboard's solder side insulation which is none - ie the solder side faces the bottom of the metal box where i put a very hard and thick piece of paper - cut from a box. But - can it be this?
Is it possibly temperature related?
The differences from the above layout is the Ic, i used TL071.

(tomorrow i will find a way to insulate the bottom of the board - will post again if something changes or not)

Re: proco rat clone weird problem

Posted: 31 May 2013, 20:27
by kuvic
I think it was an insulation or grounding issue - i checked everything,insulated everything, grounded the bottom part of the metal box and everything worked ok. I am still curious about the gradual increase of the noise I was having.