Problem with Dunlop Slash wah

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Mr. Shred
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Hi guys!

I'm having trouble with my Dunlop Slash signature CryBaby wah pedal. No problems for three years or so but then it just stopped working. At first the sound was sort of fading out when the effect was engaged (no precise memories of this as it happened a year ago, the pedal has just been gathering dust since), now there's no sound at all when I switch the pedal on. True bypass works fine, the led lamp (the distortion circuit led to be exact) works normally. I've tried it with batteries and with a power adapter, doesn't seem to make a difference. What do you think is wrong with it?

As for the most usual faults in CryBabys I've deduced as follows:

1. Input & output jacks: The signal goes through normally when the pedal is bypassed so it can't be that.

2. Power adapter input / power issues: The led lights up when the distortion circuit switch is on. Would indicate that there's no problem there.

3. Inductor: Even if the inductor was dead, there should be a signal going throug, just not the usual wah effect

4. Pots: Could it be the volume knob?

5. Switch: Clicks normally, true bypass position works. Could it still be the switch?

6. Everything else: Really hope it's not in the components. The pedal is quite complex in design and it could be a real pain in the a** to pinpoint and replace the broken component.

Any thoughts or previous experience? Anything wrong with my conclusions?

Thanks in advance,
Mr. Shred

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