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Tweak-O. pot behaviour

Posted: 05 Sep 2009, 18:39
by BlackIvory
Hi all.
Im new here and at the DIY field. I just finished building my first stompbox called the Tweak-O. which is a drive-booster/fuzz kinda thing.
but I'm having a problem with the drive pot.
Its a 250K pot. and the problem is that from about 7 o'clock to 2 O'clock theres no real change in the drive. but from 2 and upward theres a gain boost and volume drop.
what could be causing this? i'v gone over the wiring and everything 3 times and everything is as it should be.
all instructions and layout are here:

heres a pic of mine's guts:

Thanks for all who help!

Re: Tweak-O. pot behaviour

Posted: 15 Sep 2009, 07:29
by Greg
Clip something and you'll get a volume drop compared to un-clipped, but you shouldn't get a volume drop when you increase the setting of the Drive pot in a circuit like this.
Changing the value of the pot will significantly change the level of Drive available.