electro harmonix 2880 to 45000? is it possible

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Hi all,

I just purchased a 2880 secondhand. I'm aware of its limitations compared to the 45000 (multiple loop storage mainly) but the price difference (300 euros used compared to 560 euros new) didn't have the cash for the 45000.
I've been wondering if anyone has tried a 45000 foot controller with the 2880 to see if it allows the 2880 to store multiple loop storage or better yet if anyone knows whether it's possible to upgrade the 2880 by installing the 45000 software onto it and then use it with a 45000 foot controller.
Did EHX do more than change the card slot and the foot controller or is the new unit is intrinsically different.

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Post by slingblade54 »

I was wondering the same thing, did you ever get it sorted out?


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