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General documentation, gut shot, schematic links, ongoing circuit tracing, deep thoughts ... all about boutique stompboxes.
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This section is devoted to circuit analysis. This means...
  • requests for schematics or layouts will be moved the the Request section
  • messages about your sick puppy or your new Android powered phone should go into the FSB Café
  • debugging questions will be moved to the Workbench
  • useless post (containing no extra information) may get deleted to preserve the readability of the thread.
  • you should check whether a thread exists about the unit in question, and add your info in that thread.
  • you should try and respect the thread naming protocol: BRAND - UNIT NAME (ABBREVIATION CODE)
  • you should use THANKS function instead of posting a thanks message.
  • you can help others by using the SOLVED button (green checked icon) when a verified final schematic is posted. Please, 'solve' threads in the message containing the definite schematic. This will allow everybody to just click the [traced] tag and be sent to the post containing the schematic.
  • that if you are just into building and don't want all the hazy discussion, you should check whether there's is a info summary available in the Build Your Own Boutique Pedal section.
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