XTS Atomic Overdrive

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Post by Groovenut »

Anyone have any info on this pedal? It sounds pretty good.....

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Post by pablocarrillo »

this pedal seems to be perfect, from slight overdrives to hi-gain mesa boogie all terrain.........

This is a google inside pic.....

It don´t sems to have any SMD circuit, so it colud be easilly clonated.

Pete torn video:

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Post by Angle Loss »

Found another pic on ebay. This one is just a little clearer. I'd guess a BSIAB with better EQ as well.
XTS Atomic.jpeg

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Post by alexradium »

Angle Loss wrote:Found another pic on ebay. This one is just a little clearer. I'd guess a BSIAB with better EQ as well.
its 3 stages like the bsiab,last one is also mu amp,several snubber caps to tame highs, then a high pass for bass control and active mid(freq shifting done with gyrator with different caps,2n5089 tranny) and treble eq,last stage with opamp
great sounding pedal

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Post by A1full »

is True, the sound is like Bsiab or pinnacle, but noticeably improved!
besides the eq is fantastic.
as I remove the black epoxi, to see the circuit and components?

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Post by Ben N »

Anyone ever do anything with this?

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Post by caspercody »


Were you ever able to get a schematic made up?


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