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Post by zstalin »

Hey guys,

Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm an amateur when it comes to wiring but I've gotten good enough to wire my guitars and plan to get into effects soon. I'm hoping to be around a lot more often.

Anyways, I just picked up a completely battered treble booster. I can't find much on it. It's called a GeekMacDaddy GeekRanger. Strange name, lol.


I haven't gotten a chance to play it properly yet. I've been using my HBE Germania until I work on my board. The description says this is a modified take on the Rangemaster. Any ideas what those may be? Looks like a flying saucer Germanium tranny, lol. This thing retails for a pretty penny. I got mine completely hammered to crap and soaked in beer for 30 dollars. It didn't work because the seller had tightened the switch nut to the point of causing a short. Easy fix.

A member of the mylespaul forum, told me I could find the man himself here. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Post by azrael »

The name is familiar, hard to keep track of every so called pedal company in this over saturated market.

Take pics of the inside?

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Post by danielzink »

He posts here occasionally - but is way more active over at the BYOC forums.

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Post by kaycee »

Geek is a nice guy, makes some good gear, mostly modified classics. Helped me out plenty of times over on BYOC

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Post by atreidesheir »

Geekmacdaddy is a great guy and diy through and through. He sells short-run pcbs over at byoc and provides great layouts and help all the time. He also sells a small line of classic clones like this. I would expect the workmanship to be pretty superior. He is a great guy also. I have his layout of the colorsound overdriver/powerboost.
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