Fortin Zuul  [traced]

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caspercody wrote:I bought mine from PedelPCB
He doesn't have them anymore

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Being in need of a noise gate I compared the Decimator and the Zuul seeing that the latter has fewer parts and better critiques I wanted to have a go at it. The THAT4301 seems to be obsolete and replaced by the THAT4305, so I modified the schematic on basis of this transition document ... -guide.pdf
The THAT4305 is only available in QSOP package, so it will be PITA to hand solder it.
The internal OPamps need to be preplaced by external ones. As the circuit needs 5 OPamps I chose a TL074 and a TL072 leaving one free which I probably will incorporate as a splitter to forgo the necessity of an external splitter for the “key” input.


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PedalPCB right now has limited stock of the 4301

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