JHS Morning Glory V4

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Post by Manfred »

In the above circuit with the LM833 IC the circuit to generate the half voltage and the bias resistor to the positive input of the OP-Amp are missing.

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Post by Matlevo12 »

Thanks a lot.
I feel quite stupid about it, but tracing a pedal in the middle of the night probable didn't help.
The track labeled "NOTHING" was disappearing below a smd electrolytic cap, not being connected to anything, and the best answer I could find was "AH ! It's a trick ! They want us to think it's connected to +9V when it's actually not and it's somehow making sense and helping with the circuit ! ".
Yeah I know, not very smart. In reality the elec cap got hit (my fault probably) and it broke one of the tracks. Boring, huh ?

I'm finishing to trace the extra gain stage, I'll post the end results once I'm finished.

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