Studio Electronics Wolftone Chaos Schematic  [traced]

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Just traced this rather scarce Studio Electronics Wolftone Chaos. It's a weird octave up fuzz that was re-released/cloned by Malekko as well.
The transformer seems to be utilised purely as an impedance conversion device, and won't be adding much saturation (to my knowledge) as it is DC decoupled. All in all it's a very unusual octave fuzz and would make for a good clone.

The unit I traced this from must be an early one as the PCB had loads of mistakes that were corrected in a not so neat way. It's also got space for an unused voltage inverter and its supply socket is centre positive. I'm unsure why that is beyond builder preference.

Link to schematic and more gut shots: ... sp=sharing
Gut shot
Gut shot
Traced schematic
Traced schematic

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