B.L. Philips, PW 35W Guitar Amp, Practical Wireless, May 1964

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Post by modman »

This came up in the facebook group Vintage Guitar Electronics from Magazines.

There are not too many tube guitar amp designs to be found in vintage magazines. So this really raised my brow - this whole issue of Practical Wireless from May 1964 is full of guitar related ads too... and it's all thanks to the boys from Liverpool of course...

EF86s tube, 807 power tubes...

schematic pdf:
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article pdf:
Practical Wireless PW 35W guitar amp.pdf
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PW_64_BP 02.jpg
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Post by ppluis0 »

Nice article modman !!!

The drawings of the underside of chassis (showing component and wiring placement) are the equivalent to publish the vero or stripboard of solid state assemblies.

Let me add an article about 807 tube, that can be considered as a close cousin of the more know (in guitar amps) 6L6GC:

https://www.electronics-notes.com/artic ... e-tube.php


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Post by deltafred »

Thanks for posting these.

1964 is the year before I started buying electronics magazines. I used to buy Practical Electronics and a school friend bough Practical Wireless. We would read them cover to cover then swap over and repeat.

Back then we didn't understand half of what we read but seemed to think that if we read it enough times it would sink in, I suppose some of it did.
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Post by Manfred »

These layout drawings for this "flying wiring" are simply works of art for me, I like it.
It reminds me of my first electrotechnical experiences that I have collected during the disassembly of old radios from the garbage more than 50 years ago.

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