Etienne Lemery, Double Tremolo and Ring Modulator, in: Electronique Pratique, June 1977

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Complete article in French in PDF (6 pages):
Double Tremolo Ring Modulator HP77_1606.pdf
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Schematic and layout:
Double Tremolo Ring Modulator HP77_1606.jpg
Double Tremolo Ring Modulator HP77_1606 2.jpg
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Post by Manfred »

Since the IC SO42P is still available for purchase I am interested in the circuit.
Therefore I have made a PCB clone for tracing or for those who want to rebuild this device.
I found some differences between the schematic and the PCB.
Also there is an error on the solder side of the PCB and the parts list.
Everything is marked in red or in red letters in the following pictures.
Double Tremolo Ring Modulator HP77_1606 _Corrections.jpg
Double Tremolo Ring Modulator HP77_1606_schematic_corrections.jpg
Double Tremolo Ring Modulator HP77_16060_Layout.JPG
SprintLayout6.0 File: Ready to print PDF-files:

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