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Some recently found Web-sites

Posted: 28 Jun 2020, 13:01
by Mellotron Man
Since I retired in early July last year, I've been digging around the 'net, trying to find schematics (circuit diagrams if you're a Brit!) for guitar effect units (Phaser, Wah-wah, Sustain, etc.) and I've come across some beauties! I apologise in advance if they've already been mentioned elsewhere on this forum - I have had a look, but you can only go so far back!

Firstly, I found It's a site that collects English-speaking publications from around the world - Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand plus a few others. From a purely British perspective, they have copies of magazines like Practical Electronics, Everyday Electronics, Elektor, Electronics Today International plus a few others that have Effect Units in them. A word of warning though - quite a few of the .pdf files are poor quality - so poor they are virtually unreadable, especially the text. It's the fault of the contributors, NOT the web-site. I'm trying to see if there are readable versions of the same magazines elsewhere on the 'net.

I used to buy Electronics & Music Maker in the mid 1980's, but it isn't on the above site, surprisingly. However, SOME issues have been converted to web-pages at It's a magazine dedicated to musicians with an interest in Electronics. They also did interviews with Electronic Musicians, such as the members of Tangerine Dream. 'Muzines' may do other magazines, but I haven't fully investigated its site.

I found purely by accident! It has schematics & details of a huge range of commercially-made effects units.

Hope this helps.

Re: Some recently found Web-sites

Posted: 29 Jun 2020, 02:59
by ppluis0
Hi Mellotron Man and thanks to share your discover with us !!

Just yesterday I found an FTP with lots of schematics (or circuit diagrams :mrgreen: )

There are lots of info on FX and most brands of amplifiers.

Enjoy !!!

Re: Some recently found Web-sites

Posted: 29 Jun 2020, 15:36
by Mellotron Man
That is a superb collection ppluis! If you go back via the 'parent directory', you'll find more.