optical bypass pop

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hi all, i have a few popping problems, i got a SHO and an optical compressor that pops like hell normally, then i tried to move to an optical bypass, so i bought some rullywow Detour pcbs, they seems quite simple small and easy to build in a 1590A enclosure, so it was a winner, but when i tried it, it still pops, i have used a 3pdt as dpdt also a direct mount alpha dpdt switch to see if the cables where the problem, then just unplug the FX pcb from the switching system and still pops, got no led, in fact as now i got nothing wired but the switching pcb power and the ouput jack, and still keeps popping... so why would this optical bypass pops???...

i got ran out of ideas in fact and got nothing to do, but just throw aways my two fx and i really like then

optical bypass link
http://www.rullywow.com/product/detour- ... ypass-pcb/

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Post by modman »

You should review the product you bought and point out the problem...
Here's a much cheaper solution. And if it still pops...
Subject: Popping after AMZ supper buffer
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