Freakshow Effects - Magic Rabbit / boost section very noisy

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Hi everyone!

I've got a Freakshow Magic Rabbit on the bench that was totally dead when I got it. From what I can tell its a rat clone with a clean boost. I got the rat section working. The 47ohm resister sort of in the middle of the board looked visibly burnt up, replaced that and still nothing. Then I realized the IC was in backwards.The story I got was this pedal was given to the artist who was doing the enclosure art at the time so maybe it never actually worked? It's prototype #1.

Anyway, The boost section is VERY hissy/noisy. I thought maybe it was the transistor, so I swapped it out for a 3904 and it was still super noisy. Any ideas what could be causing crazy levels of hiss/noise? The rat section is actually pretty quiet.

I couldn't figure out what boost circuit this is "inspired by" :D

level pot on the boost is 25k

any help would be greatly appreciated!


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