TS 9 - drive pot does nothing

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Hi guys, need some advice. Just finished and fired up TS 9 clone. Here's the layout:


My changes compared to the layout are minor: 20k lin tone pot, 2k2 led resistor, 2N3904 trannies, double pair of germanium diodes, 47p ceramic cap.

Everything works fine despite drive pot. It does nearly nothing. Double checked the wiring, everything's fine, double checked the board, every part is on its place, no shorts, no cold joints. IC and trannies are oriented correctly, voltages are in norm.
Knowing that the drive pot varies resistance between IC 1 & 2 lug I put my multimeter there and while turning the knob resistence variation was minimal between min and max. Pot, mechanically, works good.

Drop me an idea guys, where should I looking for mistakes now :)

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