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Ive been contemplating building the austin treble blaster thanks to RG keen. I am however very concerned with the amount of information available with this procedure. I am pretty noob, but wouldnt you run the risk of having components short out on each other when soldering to a terminal strip?

Ive been searching the web trying to find the answer to this question. Can anyone just point me in the right direction?

Thanks much!

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I still can't get over you americans and your "Soddering" :P
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Not really....

check out rg keens austin treble blaster here http://www.geofex.com/Article_Folders/R ... er/drm.htm

it is a pedal built using one terminal strip with the components all over the place.

Wouldnt the leads from components short out if they're touching each other? Do I have to put this together so they are all spaced out so the leads dont touch any thing else?

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Hides-His-Eyes wrote:I still can't get over you americans and your "Soddering" :P
oh god, not this again... :roll:

i just saw about 50 youtube comments about this same thing. idiots arguing over this like it actually matters. youtube comments- it's like the land of the lost sometimes. :slap:
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