Building Valve Amplifiers by Morgan Jones

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Post by guiltyspark »

Dig around on this site, there's a lot of interesting stuff including other books by Jones. They will cut you off after you download 5-6 items and attempt to get you to join and make a "donation" ... dition.pdf

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Post by soulsonic »

Thanks! It is an interesting read thusfar.
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Post by sinner »

Good value for money ;)

...just kidding, thanks a lot :)

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Post by okgb »

thanks , I like the way it's written , simple though non insulting
navigating the download gauntlet is another story ...............

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Post by DrNomis »

I downloaded a copy too, it's actually got some good sections in it regarding test equipment and how to do various tests, cheers for posting the link..... :thumbsup
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Post by turtle441 »

I managed to get the download (after only a couple of false-leads). Was anyone able to get the 2nd ed. or his other book on Valve Amps to open? The links from the site were dead when I tried.

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Post by teddeeh »

Does anyone have this? Can pm me please?

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Post by guiltyspark »

I happened to see my old post here, original link is quite dead. But I found this link on google for the THIRD edition of this book, 600+ pages in PDF form. Link seems legit, make sure your antivirus is working and take the usual precautions when downloading from an unknown site. ... dition.pdf

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