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All frequent questions on switching: true or not true bypass, transistor-based or mechanical.
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Hello, guys, I'm building my pedal board and I'm wondering about one switch with can manipulate specific effect pedal into chain.

Recently I saw the Ibanes TS808DX with boost section with one toggle switch it moves the boos section before the TS808 or after the TS.

I'm thinking one way to wire specif pedal in my pedal board like one phase or chorus, to move it before the overdrive pedal or after, to create new dynamic sounds.

I'm testing and have a lot of difference using one chorus pedal before overdrive, sounds like vintage progressive rock like Rush using one chorus/phase before the amplifier preamp, and after the overdrive sounds more 80's ,90's and modern sounds.

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RG Keen describes various ways to do this here: ... uggler.htm

My preference would be just to use a 3PDT toggle, and have the direction of the switch bat tell you which effect is placed first in series. The diagram below by Beavis shows the juggler laid out as a discrete loop switcher with sockets to connect separate loops of effects pedals, but the principle is exactly the same. It also shows a 4PDT so LEDs can be used to indicate the order selected.

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