DOD Fx75B Flanger

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Hi guys. New to the forum and to modding.
Just took apart my Fx75B for the first time with the intent of turning off the sweep of the flanger (which I normally do on Flangers with the width/range knob all the way to the left) to achieve that robotic sound, but what's getting in the way still is the SPEED knob, which doesn't seem to turn off completely when turned to counterclockwise. Whereas turning it clockwise all the way generates a short delay, I actually prefer the sound of the fixed flanger (steel drum/robot sound).
Essentially, as a noob, what would you guys recommend for me to fix the flanger and get the speed to zero. I've bought a 500k pot that clicks "off" when turned all the way counterclockwise, maybe that would work? Would love to hear from you guys, thank you!!

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