Universal G-Code Sender and a diy Arduino CNC

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Post by chicago_mike »

Anybody etch pcb's using an arduino cnc? I have most the items needed except the frame, which I am building. Oh, and the spindle motor for the bits. I'm hoping the little nema17 motors are good enough to move one of those spindle motors around.. :scratch: :hmmm:

I'm sick of chemicals and also want to try this for double sided stuff.
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Post by deltafred »

I am thinking about it.

I have 4 x NEMA17 motors (1 spare), a load of 2020 aluminium extrusion, the stepper driver board and Arduinos galore. All I need is to get my ass into gear and actually build the frame.

A friend of mine has a couple of 3D printers and says for 3D printing don't go for the printed corners, they have too much give in them and you cannot gut sufficient precision. He also recommends the delta style over the XYZ (3 axis).

I think for knocking out PCBs a simple XYZ axis with printed corners would be quite adequate as you are not bothered about a perfect surface finish. As long as you join all the pads needed the occasional slight wiggle in the track edges is of no real concern.
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