3PDT KiCAD footprint.. OVAL HOLES!!!

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Post by pilotedge »

Hi all,

I've searched high and low and cannot for the life of me find a footprint for a stomp switch that has the proper oval drill holes to keep the switch correctly aligned. I've seen PCB's done with the correct oval holes so it must be possible. Has anyone got one or any ideas?!
Thanks :)

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Post by plush »

pilotedge wrote: 13 Jan 2021, 10:47 or any ideas?!
You can create your own footprints in Kicad or edit existing ones.

Check build-in footprint editor

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Post by Fender3D »

Please don't get my reply as rude or whatelse...
but, why wait for others to do stuff you can make yourself?
Every EDA software allows you to make your own footprints, and it's far way easier than draw a working or correct PCB.

This https://forum.kicad.info/t/tutorial-how ... atch/11092 is the first result searching in Google...

You can easily insert oval pads...

Plush types faster than me...

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