¡Help! Adding a Master Volume to Peavey Bandit 112

Tube or solid-state, this section goes to eleven!
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Hi everyone.

Since I have the Bandit 112 I Wanted to do something about the attenuation.
The amp starts "breaking up" (transtube) at Vol 6-7 at 25% of power level but still, too loud for home use.
I have the 2-silver stripes version:
I found on a post from 2020 a guy saying he added a master volume after the T dynamics circuit and said:
it is a 47k / 50k pot in series with the feedback tail. At 50k and T dynamics at 10% one now has 0.65 crancked Watts
He also added this Schematic (red square)
I don't know If that's the same version as mine, Tried to reach this guy replying to his post but he has been inactive on the forum since 2020,
I'm pretty good with the soldering iron but my knowledge on shchematics are 2/10, If someone could help me out by throwing some knowledge would be appreciated, Thanks.

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