Roland CH-60

Tube or solid-state, this section goes to eleven!
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Post by frankus »

So I recently got a Roland CH-60 for a song on ebay.

Roland Cubes are a part of my past, I used to load my Dad's Orange Cube 40 into the back of our Brown Austin Allegro on gig nights. It was the first amp I used and I'm mostly a jazzer so it's clean and I like that :)

The CH-60 also packs the Boss CE-2 chorus or very near to it, which was my Dad's favourite pedal (back when he used them). It is concerning that that I'm posting tonight.
They've hard wired a very slow deep chorus on it 3k3 resistor + 100k resistor going from pin 1 of the 4558 instead of 10k + 100k linear pot.

I'm figuring I can replace the 100k resistor for a trimpot. I'm aiming for an almost leslie speed, I guess I could socket the resistors and experiment - does anyone have any advice ?

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