Adventures with the JHS Zonk II

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Sorry to :beatdeadhorse: , but I love Zonk machines! No one likes the sound of the Zonk II (including myself, until now). To me it sounded dark and had a weird abrupt cutoff about the notes...especially lower power chords and the higher single note runs. I attributed this to just being a crap circuit, but after adjusting the bias I changed my mind. I replaced the q2 collector resistor (10k) with a pot (as close to 10k as you have.) I used an audio pot, but a linear would probably work better. I biased it at -6.3 to -6.8 volts with the fuzz maxed and now it has way better sustain! I measured the resistance of the pot (which was 7.5k). Then I replaced the pot with a 7.5k resistor, checked the q2 collector voltage again to make sure it had not changed and......rock and roll!!! It still sounded a bit dark and woofy so I changed the stock 10uf input cap to a .1uf cap (anything from .01uf to 5uf depending on your taste). In the end I used a 6 position rotary switch with a .01uf, .1uf, .22uf, 1uf, 5uf, and 10uf and it now sounds awesome!
Has anyone else experimented with the Zonk II and made any improvements?
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