Arion SDI-1 Distortion

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Post by blackboarcult »

This one was a tricky bugger.
I am quite unsure about the accuracy of the trace, since I omitted all switching, but here's my shot at it.

Seems to be fairly similar to the Boss DS-1, missing one gain stage that gets added at the end. Horrid sounding crap through my Laney, even the abominable stock DS-1 sounds slightly better than this. But again, will tinker with it and see what mods are doable 8)

This 2nd gen of Arion pedals incorporate a second output with the ability to switch between buffered clean signal and slightly distorted signal. C17 on the schematic seems to be the circuit output to the "soft" out.
Consider it VERY unverified, but LtSpice was returning noyce-lookin' plots with this simulation, and the part of the circuit that I didn't have the guts to tackle was all K772 switching transistors.
I'll include the (messy) DIY file I was using to trace, just in case somebody wants to double-check. Apologies for the faffy look, I haven't been around this kind of software for 2+yrs.

Arion SDI-1 Distortion Schematic.png
Trace Arion SDI-1 small.png

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