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Newbie here

I have a Daphon E20CH Chorus pedal which came to me in a broken state, though was an easy fix, and now I'm wondering if I can give it some improvements to make it as quiet as possible and maximise its performance.

It's using the MN3207/MN3102 BBD pair, plus there's a MC4558 and 022D JRC (an 8-pin amp chip). There's 8-10 X C1815 transistors. Most of the caps are green polys - plus several cheap-brand electrolytics. The resistors all appear to be carbon film, the PCB is one-sided, and most of the components are crookedly placed with long or lop-sided legs. There's two trimpots [excuse ignorance I don't know what they're for]. But - the pedal does work!

I understand that the 3207/3102 chips are commonly used in Chorus pedals. Are there any mods I could do which would enhance this pedal or bring it closer to well-known Chorus designs that use those chips?


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