Caballero cab sim  [documentation]

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Post by jhergonz »

dylan159 wrote: 16 Nov 2022, 09:18
jhergonz wrote: 16 Nov 2022, 05:58 update, I simulate the gyrator using 2N3904, and the response changed. I should stick with TL072.

but I also change the Sealed/Open switch with a potentiometer. Maybe I will call it Cab size? I still don't know.

Once I tested it, I will record a short demo and share the schematics here.
Of course it changed, but can you compensate for it reducing the 470r, without occurring into distortion?
For me the switch is subtle enough that it's not worth having settings in between. If you want to share the schematic remember that mine is ShareAlike for derivatives, thanks (also in your best interests).
according to my simulation, transistors also change the gain.

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