ProCo Turbo Rat w/Electronic Bypass (anyone seen one?)

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Post by soulsonic »

When I was in highschool in the mid-1990's, one of my bandmates got a brand new Turbo Rat. I was surprised to see that it didn't have the same kind of footswitch as my Rat 2 (also bought new around the same period, probably 1994). His Turbo Rat had a plastic soft touch footswitch like this:
I later saw this same style footswitch on my Roadkill. We now all know that the Brat/Roadkill used electronic FET switching like a Boss/DOD pedal. Now I'm very curious if there was a short-lived version of the Turbo Rat also using that electronic bypassing.

Has anyone else here ever seen a Turbo Rat with plastic soft touch switch like shown above? Very curious about this.
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