Maestro - FZ-1S Fuzz-Tone

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I just built one of these, thanks for making the gerber files available.

The 10n next to Q2 should be 100n.
The 5n6 next to 1M5 should be 20n.

The mods I've read about elsewhere have worked well:
Adjust the 47k off Q4 to reduce gating.
Lower the 470k from the flatter fuzz tone setting to match the scooped setting's volume.
Lower the 1.5K in the last stage for more volume, as some fuzz settings are below unity.

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Over Drive wrote: 22 Jan 2020, 17:50 How would one go about increasing output volume? With the fuzz and volume at full on the originals there is barely unity gain.
A few ways, put a bypass cap across R11, or increase R10 to say 15K, 18K or 22K, lower the value of R11 to say 470 ohms or so.

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