Vandal - a 2-channel preamp inspired by the Randall RG100ES

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PCBGuitarMan wrote: 02 Jun 2021, 15:49 I really love these types of circuits, which are only available in the DIY world!

This is a great pedal; it really captures Dimebag's tone. I call mine " Vandal from hell" :twisted:


I finished mine using 2n5458 transistors, and it sounds pretty brutal. I'll like to try how it works with J201 next.
I used a 3pdt toggle on the first batch, but I'll go back with the 4PDT for the channel switch.

I really recommend this build to anyone who's looking for an excellent Metal pre-amp.
I have made some PCBs for anyone who'd like to try this brutal high gain pre-amp/distortion.
1.- Where did you got your 2n5484?
2.- How does it works with the j201? Did you tried it?
3.- Are you working on something (Randall) new? 👀

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1- I think i got 2n5484 long ago at Musikding.
2- With J201 you really need to feed the pedal with 24v to get some nice dirt out of it
3-Yes! We are preparing the Randall Warhead x2. Waiting for the PCB to arrive :)
I'm here to help you building great pedals.
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