Need help debugging a Rebote 2.5 build

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Hi and thanks in advance for any help you can offer. I have built 4 diy pedals so far that have worked as expected. There are some others that I simply cannot figure out what's wrong. I'm currently trying to build a Rebote 2.5. I am using the tonepad layout and there will be some mods I would like to try but first things first. I'd like to plug this in and have it work as expected.

What I know:
1. True bypass works: switching off the effect allows dry signal through
2. Switching ON the effect yields NO SOUND (although the LED does light up)
3. Doing a continuity test on the board, I noted that I get continuity between +9V and GND, which seems like an obvious problem, but I cannot see anywhere that there might be a bridge. I assume this is one likely issue, but I don't know how to fix it.
4. I noted these voltages from the ICs:

1: 4.96
2: 2.48
3: 0
4: 0
5: 2.17
6: 2.48
7: 0.11
8: 0.65
9-16: 2.48

1: 1.36
2: 4.78
3: 4.36
4: 0
5: 3.60
6: 1.30
7: 8.28
8: 8.97


I apologize in advance for any dumb mistakes or assumptions I've made and I welcome any assistance anyone is willing to give.

Thanks for hearing me out!
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