Barcus-Berry Standard Pre-Amp Model 1330-1  [schematic]

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Putting the EQ into the feedback loop is quite interesting.
I havent seen many other other designs like this but the TC integrated preamp springs to mind

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Hi I have a Barcus-Berry Studio Pre-Amp 1332-1 that I intend to use with my double bass piezo mic (as far as I know also BB, they were bought together by my teacher). However, as soon as I turn the volume up a lot of noise raises. Now I found the scheme for the 1330-1 (rev 2.2) but mine does have more resistors and other values on eg condensators as presented in the scheme. I enclose a photo of the pc-board (dated 'DEC 1976'). Where should I start looking for problem within the components?
Barcus-Berry  Studio Pre-Amp 1976 model 1332-1.jpg
Where should I start to search for this noiseness, the capacitors (in my case 2 pcs 10u/15V)?

Stig-Erik Warn

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