1997 Laney LC15R - dissected and (almost) ready to build

Tube or solid-state, this section goes to eleven!
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Two pots is problematical due to limitations of space. If you look at the two schematics you will see that the Vr1b is wired differently in each case, hence the different taper. One is log(a) one is antilog(c).

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I know this was some years ago but i have looked at the schematic and was wondering what voltage caps c21 and c22 47uf are. regards for any answers.

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andomando wrote: 09 Jun 2024, 17:16what voltage caps c21 and c22 47uf are. regards for any answers.
These are 50V caps. :wink:
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I just bought one of these amps hoping it didn't have surface mount components inside but unfortunately it does. Does this PCB layout work even for non reverb models @lolbou ?

If not i think il just sell the amp on to someone else.....

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