MAX1044 causes of damage & alternatives

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Post by Thaxt »

Yes - I've had MAXX's die on me as well...likely for a similiar reason: wallwart 9V supplies. I wonder if 9V batteries are culprits (as much) here?

Some 9V adapters put out a bit over the top as, maybe MAXXs aren't designed for wallwart levels (?) I've gauged my RS 9V filtered adapter (lg bodied) @ an actual 11-12 V when going into my breadboard supply!

I'd try this: put a 100 or so ohm resistor pre MAXX 1044 - that should bring the voltage down just a bit. Then you might derive a bipolar supply w'out killing the nice MAXX. I'd think 8.5 V wouldn't really harm your headroom/pedal fidelity - or would it?

@ any rate tho' I plan to upgrade as per the suggestion for the LT1054 & the TC______ unit.

Biploar supplies are a must when you get into Boscorelli-land.....or , you have some circuits on your custom PT that need more headroom ; phaser-vibe-complex modulation clones,etc

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Post by RnFR »

i'm planning on running a MAX1044 for -18v supply, possibly 2 for switching to neg gr and doubling, but i'm not there yet. what has been decided on as far as diode protection goes? is it best to run it in series or parallel? and that is always cathode to + no matter if pos ground, correct?
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Post by kaycee »

I've used the ICL7660S on several of my own pedals frequently used at home and several that have gone out - both as polarity converters and as charge pumps and have not had any problems with mine or had any returns (touch wood). only issue was once ordering without the 'S' suffix, these introduce a whine to audio circuits.

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Post by Thaxt »

Yes - I have had significant problems w whine & noise w the MAXX1044 series.

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Post by jethrofloyd67 »

about to build a Supreux Deux from ROG, the mad bean Road Rage lists TC1044SCPA as well as MAX1044CPA and ICL7660SCPA.
of the 3 i cant seem to locate the ICL, so would the TC be the way to go?

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