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All about modern commercial stompbox circuits from Electro Harmonix over MXR, Boss and Ibanez into the nineties.
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Post by tcobretti »

Some of you may know me from the other forums, and I am glad I found this place!

I got this pedal on ebay for cheap, and plan to sell it. I haven't drawn a schem, but it looks to me like a Turbo Rat with a opto-volume pedal after it. It does sound quite good, but I am more of a fuzz guy, and a volume pedal is useless to me. I just bought it cause it was cheap and I was curious.

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Post by analogguru »

You are reallly ugly to your pedal, only because you have the "wrong setup".

so we have the Rat, than we have an LED-LDR combo, a CA3080 some transistors, opamps and a 4013. If we play boutique builder we can make from this unit:

a Turbo RAT
LED/LDR+Opamp: a Demeter Tremulator or a Fulltone SupaTrem
The CA 3080+Transistors: Keeley Compressor
The 4013: MXR Bluebox (or any Boutique clone)

Hey, now make a calculation what you have got alltogether.... :wink:

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Post by Bernardduur »

I've found one of these pedals; beautiful made and wonderfull sounding! Yes, a Turbo Rat as the main OD and an opto volume pedal to make the threadle work. Mine works perfectly!

Opening up the enclosure and making the print workable was a hard job and needed to strip most of the pedal. Yet, I can trace it :)
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