Colorsound - Power Boost / Overdriver

Discussion regarding early stompbox technology: 1960-1975 Please keep discussion focused and contribute what info you have...
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Post by bettsaj »

and here's the end result.....
board 1.jpg
board 2.jpg
board 3.jpg
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Post by mcentee2 »

.Mike wrote:I did another layout for the CSOD, and I forgot to share it here!

Super easy build. Board-mounted pots w/ gain control, made to fit very comfortably in a 1590BB.

[ Image ] [ Image ]

Here are the ExpressPCB pcb/sch files and PDF toner transfer: ... morebuild/

Please let me know if you build one! :D

Hiya - apols for the necro reply! I am looking at various builds/layouts of the Overdriver/Powerbooster with respect to the orientation of the electrolytic cap coming back from Q3 collector.

It seems various builds have this one way or the other - I am intrigued as to reading your linked schematic which has the +ve side facing away from Q3c, and your PCB layout which seems to have it correctly +ve facing the Q3C - as confirmed correct by Electric Warrior and how the new Casteldine's are built.

Which way around did you build yours in practice vs that schematic ?


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Post by roce »

Hello All,

I've built this stombox using the schematic available here ... river.html.

Unfortunately sound is really scratchy just at first stage exit and this scratchy sound occurs suddenly when strings are hit hard with HB pickups in particular.
Have you by chance faced similar issues? Have you got any ideas or suggestions to give me?

Thanks a lot!

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Post by mgeek »

I've got a version of this from the 90s, no master volume, a friend won it in a guitar magazine competition and gave it to me.

It has 'prototype' written inside the casing in pencil, which fits I guess with a magazine giveaway. Pots are dated 95.

The question I have, I guess is- are they all like this?

Mine kind of performs mostly the same as others I've read about - most of the action happens at the last 5% of the knobs, but this thing is *SAVAGE* and will make anything feed back if you take a break from playing, even when DI'd, which I'm not sure others do? I get why people would want to tame it with the master volume, but it sort of defeats the whole point of the pedal imo.

Are others the same as this? I used an 18V clone in a studio and was expecting the same (or better) results but it was significantly tamer

Any ideas? I've gigged this thing pretty hard and now realising it could have been nicked at some point, I'm wondering about cloning it, cos it's pretty much 'my guitar sound'

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