BlackFace A135 Preamp

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Hi guys, I've been here for a while, reading, and reading, and reading, and giving opinion some times, since I don't hink I can give the right answer some times.

Well, I am a bass player, and Iove the old sound of the bassman amps (blackface), so I wanna built a 2 channel blackface preamp. This is the schematic I choose:
Here are my first concerns:

1.- Is there any problem if I just want to use inputs 1 & 3? I want two channel 'cause I think that a 2nd channel with cranked controls will drive the signal and give it a bit of vintage dirt.

2.- And the MOST IMPORTANT, How to feed that circuit segment, I'm very confused trying to understand how the Transformer deliver the voltage there since I see many connections from the transformer, I need that original transformer or may I use something different??? I've see the GTFO feeding drive tubes with a digital PSU. >.<

3.- Is there any way to use a switching method that allow (CHAN A or CHAN B) and (CHAN A and CHAN B)???

I hope I dont bother You too much with this, thanks in advance!
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