Vertex - T-Drive  [traced]

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modman wrote:
StratWiz wrote:I traced the Vertex Ultraphonix, an it is a modified zen, with fixed Voiced pot value at 2.35K. Its Filter pot is the Zen Tone pot.
Two 1k restors were omitted, the 1k one connected to the center Gain pot, and one 1k connected to the high volume pot. Instead it has 10k resistor between the volume high an the center output. In one clippin line the diod and MOSFET are in swapped order. Instead of two diodes in line there is only one in line with the MOSFET. The capacitor between the 2nd In+ and ground was connected to VR instead of the ground. Op amp is BB OPA 2134UA.
All diodes code is L6 F7, in the clipping line one measuref 0.231v and the other 0.341v. All other diodes measured 0.341v.
I haven't checked capacitor values since there's no code and its SMD.
So it's a modified Zen.
No pictures?
Even these on TGP could be any rehoused pedal, though the claim is that these are Ultraphonix prototypes made off Maxxon SD9 boards.
If you take a look on the schematic for the Vertex T Drive (their "Trainwreck inspired" pedal) you'll see it's a slightly modified Ibanez SD-9. The schematic can be found here:

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