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Post by Jarno »

Use a full size 5v regulator, so LM7805 rather than LM78l05, that one caught me out at a few implementations of the PT2399 already.
Also, why use 2 transformers for a balanced output, I mean a transformer balanced output can add a certain "something" to the sound, just not sure if these telecom transformers will bring that (maybe "lo fi-ness"? :) ).
But thanks for the work, do check it against the schematics for the circuits which have served as "inspiration" :D
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Post by Visualdistortion »

I did a new schematic, and make some minor correction (pots etc) I'm really not sure about the connexion from the input and Pin3 of the TL072, but when I follow I found this connexion, if someone can correct this, it would be great
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